Overhead Hearing Loop

Our unique Overhead Hearing Loop System is designed to be used in locations in which traditional Loops will not function properly or traditional Loop wire installation techniques are not possible.  The ideal location for the Overhead system is in a museum exhibit or other exhibit space.  This signal is limited in the distance it travels so that multiple units can be used in relatively close proximity to one another.

A user would approach the exhibit, stand under the appropriate designated location, activate their t-coils, and receive the Loop signal from above.

This system is currently employed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City.  (See photos below)

Call for pricing information.  727-260-3488


Hearing Loop sign at the 9/11 Memorial Museum
Overhead Hearing Loop used at the 9/11 Memorial Museum


Diagram of the Overhead Hearing Loop
Diagram of the approximate field size of the Overhead Hearing Loop

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