Why Choose Us

We have been providing the most complete end-to-end solutions for window intercoms and assistive listening systems since 2010.

Complete Hearing Solutions is a nationwide distributor for Contacta Inc and also carries Williams Sound, Listen, and other manufacturers products.  We are also the sole source or preferred vendor for many entities and governmental agencies.

We have installed hundreds of hearing loop systems and window intercom systems across the US. From the simplest of one-to-one solutions to the most complicated large area hearing loop, we bring the same attention to detail, professionalism, and customer service. There is no install too big or application too small. We are built to serve the entire industry.

We specialize in the use of:

  • Window Intercoms
  • Hearing Loop Systems
  • FM/RF Systems
  • Infrared (IR) assistive listening
  • Tour Guide systems.

We do all design/engineering and installation in house with no subcontracting. Our staff has the experience and qualifications to guarantee the best performing assistive listening system possible. 

We also have access to a grant for houses of worship to help with some of the installation cost of a Hearing Loop. 

Ask about our interest free financing option for qualified venues.

Who We Work With


Houses of worship

Improve comprehension of meaningful services in sanctuaries, naves, chapels, and social halls.



Get more enjoyment out of plays and performances by hearing clearly.

Points of Sale

Understand correct dollar amounts, prices, and instructions.

Senior Living Facilities

Increase quality of life for residents by allowing for more participation in activities.

Public Spaces

Meets ADA requirements for spaces using microphones.

Performing Arts

Get more enjoyment out of plays and performances by hearing clearly.



Films have critical dialogue that needs to be heard and understood.


Increase attendance by provided better and clearly sound.


Improve grades and make learning easier by providing sound that students can comprehend.

Complete Solutions

It’s not just a clever name. We truly differentiate ourselves with our complete end to end solution.


Site Visit

The first step in determining what your venue’s needs are. We will consult with you on site, conduct testing, and analyze requirements and deficiencies.


We will custom design an assistive listening system and any ancillary components to meet your specific needs. Engineering is done in-house with assistance of manufacturer’s design engineers if needed.


Our staff will conduct the installation from start to finish. No subcontracted employees ever. This ensures consistency and competency every time.


We are available to provide troubleshooting, warranty, and repair work. Never wait long for a response or service.

Why Hearing Loops?

In Our Client’s Words..

“I highly recommend Complete Hearing Solutions. They were very informative and always available to answer any questions. It has made a great improvement to members of my church”
Father Stefula

Sacred Heart Church

The Hearing Loop Solution

Hearing Loops, although a tried and true technology, are relatively new to the US.

Over the past few years, the popularity and prevalence of Hearing Loops has begun to dramatically increase. It mostly started in Michigan with the efforts of Dr. Myers of Hope College and spread to nearby Wisconsin. From there Illinois, New York, California, New Mexico, and Arizona began to show great progress and slowly but surely the rest of the country has come on board with the idea of installing Hearing Loops, including our efforts here in Florida.

Hearing Loops can now be found in houses of worship, auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, pharmacies, banks, professional sport ball parks and many more places.

Most don’t realize how common hearing loss is among Americans. The numbers are staggering to say the least. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are around 11.8 million Americans using wheel chairs, walkers, canes, and crutches however there are around 36 million Americans with hearing loss. This means that hearing loss is 3 times more common than ambulatory disabilities!

Despite these lopsided figures, there are very few public accommodations such as Hearing Loops, to assist those who have Hearing Loss compared the the number available for individuals who are physically disabled. This can be partly credited to the fact the hearing loss is not something you immediately know a person has by looking at him or her. Hearing loss has acquired the nickname of the “Invisible Disability.” Many people don’t realize how difficult it can be to have a hearing loss and go through their everyday lives without assistance other than the hearing aids they may wear. Hearing loss can be debilitating and can severely affect a person’s ability to do things others take for granted. Going to the movies, watching TV, talking on the phone, eating out at a restaurant, and talking to the cashier at the grocery store are just a few of the activities that are very hard or virtually impossible for those who are Hard of Hearing. What must quality of life be like if the simple and enjoyable things are no longer simple and enjoyable?

Here are some statistics to think about:

48 million total Americans with hearing loss
1/3 of all Americans aged 65-75
1/2 of all Americans older than 75
1/6 of all Floridians (nearly 3 million people)
12 out of every 1,000 people are under the age of 18
Hearing loss is the third most prevalent but treatable disabling condition behind arthritis and heart disease amongst seniors
While the vast majority of Americans (95%) with hearing loss could be successfully treated with hearing aids, only 22% (6.35 million individuals) currently use them. Only 5% of hearing loss in adults can be improved through medical or surgical treatment
1/2 of all Baby Boomers are expected to have hearing loss (approx. 76 million Baby Boomers). 40 million by 2025 and 53 million by 2050