Window Intercom Models and Options

We have a wide variety of systems available.  These range from systems that are sleek and flush mounted into surfaces, to sturdy models designed for noisy environments, to ceiling mounted kits, to options both with and without hearing loops.

Find the perfect window intercom system for your requirements: view our Systems Comparison Table which narrows our systems down by available features or our Applications Comparison Table which displays the ideal system choice by installation location.

Glass Mounted System

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Schedule a Complimentary Site Visit Today!

Top Features

Hands-free operation and easy-to-sanitize housing

Open duplex technology for two-way conversations

Excellent clarity of sound

Range of sleek designs to suit any setting

High quality and performance

Inclusive technology for hearing device wearers

Simple Concept.
Unmatched Performance.

Window intercom systems provide easy communication anywhere speech is impaired by security glass, Plexiglass or COVID safety barriers. Hands-free designs and robust housing means these systems are easy to sanitize.

This product is designed for installation at locations such as:

  • Banks
  • Post Offices
  • Theaters
  • Information Centers
  • Public Transit Systems
  • Ticket Counters
  • Embassies/Consulates


  • Reception Desks
  • Cashier Registers
  • Security Booths
  • Vehicles (taxis, buses, etc.)
  • Drive-Through Kiosks
  • Government Buildings
  • Nursing Homes/Senior Living

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