FM Systems

A classroom using a radio frequency system

What are FM Systems?

An FM system is one that uses Frequency Modulation to transmit sound.  It is a wireless transmission of a radio signal from a transmitter to a receiver.

Why Use an FM System?

Less expensive than a Hearing Loop (initially) – Hearing Loops take more labor and equipment to install a proper system initially.

Easy to install – An FM system is easily installed by connecting a transmitter to an audio output.

Considerations of an FM System?

Signal loss – FM’s suffer from loss of signal and privacy issues as the signal can travel significant distances and through walls.

Personal receiver required – There is no option to directly send a FM signal from a transmitter directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. A different frequency is used at each venue requiring the syncing of a receiver to a venues transmitter. Due to the use of a personal receiver, it is obvious that a person is having trouble and many people are uncomfortable putting their hearing disability out there for everyone to know. Most people would prefer to not use the system at all.

Listen Technology FM LS-53

Contacta RF System

Large Area FM System

  • Schools
  • Theatres
  • Sport venues
  • Cinemas

Tourguide FM System

  • Museums
  • Walking tours
  • Conventions
  • Historic site visits

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