Infrared Systems (IR)

What are Infrared Systems?

An IR system is one that uses invisible infrared light waves, similar to that of a TV remote control. A transmitter sends a signal to a receiver worn around the head of the user.

Why use an Infrared System?

No unwanted radio signals – with some FM systems, you occasionally pick up stray radio signals from other FM/wireless systems.

More privacy – because IR signals cannot travel through walls, the audio cannot be heard through the walls.  For this reason, this system is common in movie theaters and courtrooms.

Considerations of an Infrared System?

Personal receiver required – there is no option to directly send IR signal to a hearing aid or cochlear implant only. A dedicated IR receiver is required.  Due to the use of a personal receiver, it is obvious that a person is having trouble and many people are uncomfortable putting their hearing disability out there for everyone to know. Most people would prefer to not use the system at all.

Light effects signal – Infrared suffers quite badly from shadowing, offering many situations in rooms where the signal is lost (this means that there must be a direct line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver)

Line of site necessary – should another individual in the room stand between the transmitter and receiver, the signal could blocked causing the audio to cut out.

How do you know if an Infrared System is installed?

Infrared systems are used throughout the world and there is an internationally recognizable symbol that is used to indicate to the general public that an IR system is installed. The color may vary, occasionally found in green, blue, red, and yellow, but always the basic ear shape usually with something going through it like an arrow, sound wave, and etc. is used.

Listen wall mounted IR transmitter

Listen IR Receiver

Contacta IR System

Large Area IR System

  • Multiscreen Cinema
  • Classrooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Council Chambers

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