Residential Hearing Loop Systems In Florida

Residential Hearing Loops are traditionally placed around the perimeter of the room, either at floor level or ceiling level.  This allows for unlimited users to sit anywhere within the loop of wire and listen to television or conversation.

For a floor level system, the wire can be placed under, behind or on top of the baseboard or under carpet.  At ceiling level, wire can be placed in the attic or along the area the ceiling and wall meet or at/near crown molding. 

Audio is generally sourced from a TV, DVD/Blue Ray player, amplifier, or cable box.  However, it is common to provide a microphone or microphones in order to better communicate with friends or family.  The mics can be in the form of a boundary mic that sits on a table, a hanging mic as you might find in a choir area, or lapel mic that clips to your collar. They can also be wired or wireless, depending upon the available budget as wireless are more expensive.

A Complete Hearing Solutions Hearing Loop System technician will meet with you to discuss all the options, inspect the location and, in some cases, conduct some tests. From there the appropriate recommendations can be made as to how and where to install the wire. The benefit of Complete Hearing Solutions installing the system is that we can resolve any complications involving the audio output and TV settings, completely and safely install the wire so that it isn’t visible, if possible, and ensure the system is working optimally.

Residential Loop Kits

Residential Loop kits are available for those who feel as though they can do the installation themselves. This would require a basic knowledge of how your TV works, specifically what OUTPUTS are available and where the audio comes from. Additionally, the installation of the wire is an important process. It must be placed in the correct location for the Loop to function properly. Also, aesthetics are a factor. If you don’t want the wire to be visible, then you will need to be able to properly conceal it.

Residential Loop Kits come with everything necessary to complete the installation. It includes the Loop amplifier, audio cables, and Loop wire.

If you aren’t comfortable installing wire but you also don’t have the budget for us to send a staff member to install the Loop wire, there is a Chair Pad option.

A Chair Pad replaces the Loop wire that would normally go around the perimeter of the room. It is now coiled up inside the chair pad unit. The chair pad is then placed under or on top of a seat cushion. A wire connects it to the back of the Loop amplifier near the television. 

The benefit of the Chair Pad is that it allows the homeowner to easily install the system on their own. The downsides are that it limits the use of the system to only that of the person sitting on it. Other residents or guests would not benefit from the Loop System. Also, there will be a wire running from the pad to the amplifier.

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