One To One (1:1) Hearing Loops

A 1:1 Hearing Loop is one used in commercial locations in which a single individual is conversing with a representative of a venue for a short period of time and is known as Transient Use.  In these situations, there may be a lot of noise making it hard to hear what is being communicated, perhaps a ticket window at a sports arena.  Another situation is in an area where some privacy is necessary such as a bank window or pharmacy. Yet another scenario is a drive through location where the speakers are consistently poor in quality. Because of the background noise, security glass between the parties, or generally poor quality of sound components, comprehending speech is extremely difficult for a person with hearing loss.

It is critical in these types of spaces to have access to Hearing Loops. There are many types of venues that fall under this category but below are a few very common ones.

Typical Areas of Transient Use

Ticket Window

Kennedy Space Center

Point Of Sale / Checkout

Whole Foods

Drive Through Window

Public Areas

Other Areas:


Reception desks and Information Kiosks


Elevators and Lifts


Museum Exhibits


Portable Systems Ideal in situations wherein a hearing impaired individual is in need of assistance in a counseling or treatment scenario but there is no fixed location where this occurs.  For instance, different exam rooms or meeting rooms.  Also great in situations where a clerk or customer service agent moves from location to location.  It is rechargeable not requiring a constant power source and has a built-in microphone as well as an option for an external gooseneck mic.

Contacta Portable Loop

Countertop System – Intended for permanent or semi-permanent installation locations.  It is often used at banks, ticket windows, or customer service desks. It has a “placard” that sits on the countertop, a gooseneck mic for the customer service agent, and amplifier for mounting under the counter.

Contacta Countertop (Privacy Loop) System